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Welcome to theBCPS Library


Maryland Black-Eyed Susan

Resource Wiki 




MASL Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Awards Info:


Grade 4-6 Nominees








Brown, Peter

The Wild Robot

Creech, Sharon


Fantaskey, Beth

Isabel Feeney, Star Reporter

Gibbs, Stuart

Space Case: A Moon Base Alpha Novel

Grimes, Nikki

Garvey's Choice

Hilton, Marilyn

Full Cicada Moon

Jones, Kelly

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

Pennypaker, Sara


Rhodes, Jewell Parker

Towers Falling

Weeks, Sarah

Save Me a Seat





Colossal, Eric

Rutabaga, the Adventure Chef 1

Flores, Madeline

Help Us! Great Warrior

Hatke, Ben

Mighty Jack: Book One

Pittman, Eddie

Red's Planet

Reed, M.K.

Dinosaurs: Fossils and Feathers

Riess, Natalie

Space Battle Lunchtime: Lights, Camera, Snacktion

Reynolds, Aaron

Caveboy Dave: More Scrawny Than Brawny

Telgemeier, Raina


Weing, Drew

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo

Winick, Judd

Hilo: Saving the Whole Wide World






Grade 6-9 Nominees







Auxier, Jonathan

Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard

Bauer, Joan


Griffin, Paul

When Friendship Followed Me Home

Key, Watt

Terror at Bottle Creek

Nielsen, Jennifer

A Night Divided

Reynolds, Jason


Smith, Roland


Sonnenblick, Jordan

Falling Over Sideways

Vande Velde, Vivian

23 Minutes

Wolk, Lauren

Wolf Hollow 





Cliff, Tony

Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling

Cloonan, Becky

Gotham Academy: Welcome to Gotham Academy

Corona, Jorge


Deacon, Alexis

Geis: A Matter of Life and Death

Gownley, Jimmy

The Dumbest Idea Ever!

Hicks, Faith Erin

The Nameless City: Volume 1

Larson, Hope

Four Points: Compass South

Phelan, Matt

Snow White

Prince, Liz Tomboy 
Takano, Ichigo Orange: The Complete Collection, 1 










Buxbaum, Julie

Tell Me Three Things 
Deuker, Carl


Graudin, Ryan

Wolf by Wolf

Hand, Cynthia, Ashton Brody, and Jodi Meadows

My Lady Jane

Lewis, John and Andrew Aydin

March Book Three

Miranda, Megan

The Safest Lies

Whaley, John Corey

Highly Illogical Behavior

Winters, Cat

The Steep and Thorny Way

Yoon, Nicola

The Sun is Also a Star

Zentner, Jeff

The Serpent King


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Welcome to a New Year (SY17-18)



One of the primary suggestions for students this year will be e-books. Our school has one of the largest collections for BCPS middle schools (703 to be exact). This year, students received several lessons on how to access the ebooks, how to search for the e-book that suits their needs, and how to read and listen to the ebook. Students even discussed the benefits of e-books and determined whether they prefer e-books or print books. While the results seemed 50/50, many of the students enjoyed the interactive e-books which had visuals, as well as a narrator who read the books to them. The biggest take away from our discussion was that it doesn't matter what or how you read as long as you read something and exercise your brain.



Click the link below each picture in order to access the nonfiction ebooks that are available to Windsor Mill Middle students. Make sure you use your BCPS username and password to access these titles.


Big image



BCPS eBooks: Information Explorer Series




Big image



SIRS Discoverer Login




Big image



TBC: Read Watch Learn





If you are new to Windsor Mill MIddle School, you might not be familiar with e-books. Take a moment to look at the picture below. You can also click the link below the picture to get more information.


Big image








Capstone Interactive ebooks

Big image



With a dramatic narrator and vivid images, Capstone e-books are a great way for students to read. A special collection that is also available in our Destiny portal, students who want to access the Capstone portal and receive extra features must get the password and username from Ms. Love.




Take a moment to see the great opportunity between Baltimore Center Stage and the SMaRTZone Library at Windsor Mill. 





This year, The SMaRTZone Library will continue with initiatives that were successful last year and implement a few more surprises to highlight our future ready library.


Project based learning was a huge success last year. By taking part in three PBLS, more students and more teachers saw the library as more than a place to check-out books (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Whether it was an effort to beautify the school with Mrs. Bajpai, a series of workshops to encourage students to write with the help of author, Ronald L. Smith, or an effort to bring art into the library by working with Mrs. Adams, the library was a creative hub.



The quest to continue to be an Innovation Incubator will continue this year. Over the summer, a few partnerships have been formed that will be invaluable to our students and any teachers who wish to collaborate. If you would like more information let me know. I would love to work with you. Together, we can create lessons which give you and your students a chance to connect what they learn to their school community.



Last year, the school library program of BCPS received national recognition in the form of an award called the School Library of the Year Award. The county wishes to continue to strive towards excellence when it comes to library programs and is supportive of the efforts of librarians on the secondary level to be collaborators. For that reason, Pop-Ups will be offered through the SMaRTZone. What are Pop-Ups?



Based on the input of last year’s 6th graders, they wanted the chance to check-out books during lunch. Beginning in October, students during alternate 6th grade lunch shifts, will have a Pop-Up library available. The students will be able to use the Pop-Up library as a chance to check-out books. Pop-Ups are also available to teachers to enhance instruction related to various BCPS databases or research mini lessons that you wish to provide for your students.*



I welcome a new year and chance to collaborate with you. More information regarding Pop-Ups and other initiatives (e-books, PBLs, etc.) will be shared to any departments who wish to have me visit for a quick overview, as well as for any teacher who wishes to gain more information in an informal manner.


* Students are still able to visit The SMaRTZone for classroom check-outs, BCPS Digital Citizenship lessons, research etc. The initiatives shared above are new offerings in order to continue to increase the amount of independent student usage in the library, as well as an effort to meet the needs of the students.




Welcome to Writer's Workshop.



Today, is our final session with Mr. Smith.  We really want you to have a chance to create some of your own literary masterpieces. We are going to use this a variety of online tools, as well as paper, pencil, etc.  Use whichever tool works for you as you create your own masterpieces.


Some of the stations will ask you to go to the ebook, Write a Story. It's located in our Destiny catalog. Just sign-in to access it and go to the pages stated.



Use the following links for today's Writer's Workshop.



Stattion 1 - Character and Description  https://www.mystorybook.com/books/420635  
Station 2- Dialogue  https://www.mystorybook.com/books/441311/  
Station 3- Setting and Description https://www.mystorybook.com/books/441661/  
Station 4- Action 


Linoit - Share your work on line


Flipgird -  Create a video to explain what we did today. https://flipgrid.com/17b184 





Great News!!

The S.T.A.R.S. book club was featured in a segment for BCPS TV.  Check us out!!


Students who wish to take part in our BYOS (Bring Your Own Story) program should see Ms. Love for more details.



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In order to access the 2017-2018 BES nominees, click the link below titled, Maryland Black Eyed Susan Nominees (2016-2017) and do the following:

1. Look for the Navigator section of the wiki.  

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2. Select the category you wish to view.


Maryland Black Eyed Susan Nominees



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