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*Cite your sources and give credit for ideas and someone else's material.

Try to use creative commons material.  Always give credit or cite your source.

For more on copyright and fair use:


*Ask first, then give credit.

Ask an artist's permission to post their photos, pictures or pieces of writing (BCPS Request for Permission). Never use first and last names of people that could identify them in a photo or video. You must also ask permission when using an idea from a friend, a family member, or even from an acquaintance. After you have his/her permission, then you must ask if you can post his/her name to give him/her credit. If you know anyone who is breaking any part of this rule, please let a teacher know so that we can help out. 


*Proofread your work.

Use spell check and even ask a friend to read your work.  Make sure you have followed your teacher's directions.


*Open external links in a new window.      

If you link to a page outside the wiki, it's a good idea to open the link in a new window. This way users don't have to leave the wiki when following the link. You can do this after inserting a link by clicking on a link in edit mode and selecting edit, then "Open in new window."


*Information please!

The Internet is a great source of information, but information is only useful when it is accurate. Before referencing a website, ask and answer a few simple questions: 

  • Who is the author or sponsor and what are the author's qualifications or credentials?

  • What type of information is provided?

  • When was the information created? Last updated or revised?

  • Where is the information coming from- is the domain an .edu, .gov, .org, etc.

  • Why is the information posted: to educate, to inform, to present unbiased views, to entertain, to sell or entice?


Adapted directly from the BCPS Wiki CPD Sample Wiki Etiquette Page.