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Summer Reading

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The Windsor Mill Middle School

Summer Reading Program 





Although you are on summer vacation, that doesn't mean your brain has to be.  During the summer, take some moments out of your day to read.  Your brain will love you for it.


Do you find that it's difficult to get back into "school mode" when you return to school?  How many times have you had to sit in classes where teachers spend a few weeks reteaching basics that you learned the previous year?


That's why many schools have suggested summer reading lists prepared for their students.  Use this wiki as a way to locate summer reading texts and exercise your brain.  You may even have supplemental reading materials for your specific classes, such as English or Social Studies.  Be sure to visit your school's website to see if there are any summer reading assignments that have been assigned for your specific program. Enjoy your summer and enjoy reading!! 



Watch this Summer Reading video and get excited about Reading.



After watching the video, tell me what you plan to read during the summer.